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International breakfasts at Dandenong Market

International breakfasts at Dandenong Market: Wake up with flavours from all around the world!

Breakfast. We all eat breakfast but have you ever found yourself wondering how the rest of the world starts their day? Here at the Market we have so many different international breakfasts available from our traders who have brought a taste of their homeland to us. So come with us as we explore some of the aromatic, invigorating, mouthwatering dishes that help wake up the world right here at Dandenong Market.

Asia – A melting pot of flavours

We start with Arroz caldo, a warming congee style dish eaten for breakfast in the Philippines. The dish is comprised of rice and fragrant broth with ginger and lemon. Find this warming and soothing dish at Si Kat Pinoy.

Moving towards South-East Asia we find ourselves at Cafe Marketto and their South Indian inspired breakfast dishes. At Cafe Marketto start your day with a classic masala dosa. Like a thin pancake, the dosa is made from a fermented batter and is traditionally stuffed with spiced potatoes. Enjoy with a side of sambar and an array of sauces. For something uniquely South Indian, try the idli (savoury rice cake) or vada (fried fritter) – icons in their own right!

In Pakistan you’ll find halwa puri served up for breakfast in many households. Fried bread (puri) is served with a chickpea or potato side dish and sweet halwa, made from semolina. This meal is simple, comforting and dates back centuries, crossing cultures and adapting to different regions. Come in to Spirit of Pakistan and get savour in the deliciousness of this meal for yourself. 

The Middle East – It’s all about the bread

In many Middle Eastern nations like Turkey and Lebanon, the day begins with fresh bread. At breakfast it is common to find a spread of small plates serving everything from eggs, hummus, vegetables and breads! Bread is served alongside most dishes and can be enjoyed with zaátar, lebneh or shakshuka. Here at the Market we are lucky to have our own bakery run by Kamil & Rhonda serving up classic Middle Eastern breads. Baked fresh each Market day, the breads from Why Not?Wooden Bakery will have you coming back for more. 

Europe – Iconic pastries for all 

Our journey takes us through Europe where breakfast is as varried as the continent is vast. Find freshly baked croissants at Baker Boys Bakery, almond croissants at Perfect Coffee as well as a variety of petit fours and Greek biscuits. 

There is no shortage of European rye breads at Melina’s Bakery alongside classic sourdough and ciabatta breads.

We even have Dutch style pancakes! Dutch Poffertjes brings you their bite-sized pancakes topped with classic combinations like butter and lemon, strawberry and chocolate or for something a bit more indulgent, the biscoff poffertjes are the ones to try!

Latin America – Bold flavours

Waking up in the Southern Americas you are treated to flavours that are bold and bright!

Empanads are a staple here. A dough that encases itself around meat, vegetables or cheese is fried or baked till golden and warm. These little parcels of flavour can be discovered at Cafe Valentina, where Maria and Eric serve empanads with complimentary sauces that take them to another level.

Lets not forget the coffee and tea 

What’s breakfast without tea or coffee? At Dandenong Market you’ll find your caffeine fix at Perfect Coffee, Froth and 18g Cafe. But that’s not all. As you venture into the Bazaar you’ll find Abyssinia Coffeeland, the place to find coffee beans and grounds sourced directly from Ethiopia. Owner Alem has been keeping Melbourinans well caffeinated since 2018, bringing the essence of Ethiopia to the Market. 

Prefer tea? Kadak Chai has you covered with their blends of masala chai that you can even take home. For something fun, try the turmeric latte or the ever popular pink chai. 

You can even find specialty coffee from places like Greece and Turkey at Sam’s Spice & Grocery along with a huge variety of teas from all around the world.  

Experience International breakfasts at Dandenong Market!

Be it a cold winters morning where you don’t feel like cooking or weekend brunch for the whole family, wake up with Dandenong Market’s breakfast offerings. 

From south Indian dishes like dosa and idli to Parisian pastries, breads from the Middle East and latin America’s bold flavours, there are new flavours to be discovered at every corner. 

See you at the Market!

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