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Gluten Free Delights at Dandenong Market

Gluten Free delights at Dandenong Market:
Exploring a World of Flavour

Are you a gluten free food enthusiast searching for a haven of delicious options? Look no further, we have a diverse range of traders offering an incredible selection of such delights. We’ll take you on a mouth watering journey through some of our gluten free Dandenong based traders and their delectable offerings.

Butter Mafia: Satisfying your Gluten Free Sweet Tooth

Meet Kenn from Butter Mafia – a gluten free Dandenong based business.

Kenn is passionate about providing high-quality desserts that are 100% gluten free, but you could never tell given how irresistibly delicious they are! Hand made from the finest ingredients, options include classic chocolate chip cookies, signature brownies, zesty lemon bars, creamy cheesecake and so much more!

Expanding from the original store in Northcote, Butter Mafia caters dietary requirements of coeliacs, with the company accredited by Coeliac Australia – so you can eat with confidence! Dandenong Market is looking forward to this new venture with Kenn and Butter Mafia, providing delicious deserts for all.

Café Valentina: Cakes and Savoury Goodness

Next on our gluten free journey is Café Valentina. Known for its mouth watering cakes and savoury dishes. Find solace in their selection of cakes, all expertly crafted with alternative flours to ensure a delightful experience.

These delights are made separately form the rest of their Chilean inspired menu and stored individually. Traders Maria and Eric are all to familiar with gluten allergies with family members who suffer, so they know all about the ins and outs of making sure your dietary requirements are well catered for.

Pair it with their Melbourne brewed steaming cup of coffee for a blissful moment of pure satisfaction!

Sam’s Spices and Grocery: Chickpea and Alternative Flours

No food exploration is complete without a visit to Sam’s Spices and Grocery. This haven for food enthusiasts boasts a wide range of specialty ingredients, including a variety of chickpea and alternative flours perfect for gluten-free cooking and baking. 

Experiment with chickpea flour, a versatile alternative that lends a unique flavour and texture to your dishes. Use it to create crispy fritters, fluffy pancakes, or even gluten free bread.

They also stock a wonderful range of products from Bob’s Red Mill range.

Find a taste for ALL at the Market!

Whether you’re craving sweet treats from Butter Mafia, craving cakes and savoury dishes from Café Valentina, or searching for alternative flours at Sam’s Spices and Grocery, the Market has something to satisfy every GF foodie.

Visit Dandenong Market and embark on a gluten free culinary journey, indulging in the finest flavours and embracing a world of delicious possibilities. Your taste buds will thank you as you savour the incredible gluten free options available within this vibrant marketplace.

Note: Please be aware that while the traders mentioned offer GF options, cross contamination may occur. It’s always recommended to communicate any specific dietary requirements or concerns directly with the traders.

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