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Dandenong Market Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What are the opening hours of Dandenong Market?
Dandenong Market is open four days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday (except public holidays).

Dandenong Market opening hours:
Tuesday: 7am-4pm (General Merchandise opens at 8am)
Friday: 7am-4pm (General Merchandise opens at 8am)
Saturday: 7am-4pm (General Merchandise opens at 8am)
Sunday: 9am-4pm

Are dogs allowed at the Market? 
Dogs are not allowed at the Market, with the exception of guide and assistance dogs. This includes festivals and events where food stalls are out on the Terrace. 

Is smoking allowed in the Market?
The Market is a smoke-free zone.

Where can I park in the Market?
With 1000 parking spaces, including ample undercover spots, there is plenty of cheap parking at Dandenong Market. Access the car park from Clow Street or King Street. Charges and time limits apply.

There is also parking available in other nearby car parks, as well as limited on-street parking around the precinct.

See Getting to the Market.

Are there disabled parking areas and facilities?
There are accessible parking spaces located in all car parks off Clow Street and King Street, including the multi-level car park where ramp access is available. Our lift is currently being upgraded. The 20 accessible parking spaces are free providing the correct sticker is displayed. Accessible toilets are also available for visitors who require them.

Where is the nearest train station to the Market?
Dandenong Train Station is a short 15 minute walk from the Market. 

Do you have any maps or lists of traders in the Market?
Find the most up-to-date information on our traders on the Traders section of the website. There is also an interactive map of the Market to help you plan your visit.

Can you tell me where to find somewhere to eat at the Market?

The Cafes and Takeaway Food section of the website provides a full list of the cafes and takeaway food outlets in the Market.

I wish to contact a trader, what is the best way of doing this?
Find contact details for each trader listed under their entry in the Traders section of the website.

How can I get a stall in the Market?
Dandenong Market welcomes traders who have dynamic and diverse offers that will enhance the shopping experience of our visitors. See the Applications page for more information and to apply.

Who can I contact if I have left or lost something at the Market?
Dandenong Market has a lost and found property register where you can check if your items have been found. If you have left or lost anything at the Market, please contact Dandenong Market Office on 03 9701 3850.

Are there bike racks at Dandenong Market?
There are bike racks in the Northern Car Park and on Level 2 of the multi-level car park. 

Where are the public toilets?
There are public toilets at the south end of the Market in the General Merchandise Hall, at the north end of the Market near the Northern Food Court and out on the Terrace. 

Are there any ATMs?                                                                                            The Market has six ATMs in the following locations:

  • Market Square next to Don Piero Pizzeria
  • Market Square near the liftwell
  • Meat, Fish and Deli Hall opposite Sam’s Spice & Grocery
  • Meat, Fish and Deli Hall opposite Cafe Valentina
  • The Bazaar, between the toilets and Cafe Marketto
  • Cleeland Street (next to the Market Management office)

Some traders also have EFTPOS facilities.

Are there any areas to store my purchases while I shop?

There are no lockers or storage areas at the Market. Shoppers are encouraged to bring shopping bags or purchase a shopping trolley in The Bazaar. 

Can we hire a trolley in the Market?
We currently do not have trolleys for hire at Dandenong Market. Some of our traders have shopping trolleys for sale at reasonable prices in The Bazaar. 

Can I take photographs in the Market?
Dandenong Market is happy for customers to film, record or take photographs of their family and friends while shopping at the Market. However, as we are committed to protecting the security and privacy of traders, staff and other shoppers, Dandenong Market has developed a policy regarding the type of photography (inclusive of filming and recording) permitted at Dandenong Market. We respectfully ask for your co-operation in complying with this policy. You must obtain Dandenong Market Management written permission if you want to take photographs or make films for commercial purposes, or for any purpose other than your own personal and private use, including school or university projects.

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