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Known as the "world market", Dandenong Market is a 154-year old traditional working - one of the oldest markets in Melbourne.

Dandenong Market offers everything from honeycomb fresh from the beehive, flowers cut straight from the farm, and apples picked from the orchard. At Dandenong Market you can shop and experience the world as a local and get insider tips from expert traders, score amazing bargains and source seasonal produce.

Dandenong Market Fast Facts

Everyone from around the world feels at home here, and you will too.

It’s like strolling around a souk or meandering through a hawkers market: the market is alive with the hustle and bustle of shoppers, spruiking market traders and the irresistible scents of Melbourne’s best street food.


Dandenong Market has been operating since 1866 and is one of Victoria's oldest markets.

We are a traditional working market and the heart of community life. There’s so much to see, taste and discover.

What to do at Dandenong Market

Getting to the market

Dandenong Market is located at the heart of Dandenong and is accessible by train, bus or car. We’ve put together a simple guide on getting to the market.

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Dandenong Market is a municipal market, owned by the City of Greater Dandenong


Policies and Guidelines

Dandenong Market Community Guidelines  |  Dandenong Market Privacy Policy


Online induction

Online induction training must be completed by all traders and contractors using the Dandenong Market site.

Dandenong Market Online Induction

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