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Café Valentina

Meet Maria and Eric – new owners of Café Valentina.

Born in Chile, South America, this lively couple will be bringing the flavours of Latin American street foods to the Market along with their award-winning organic coffee.

National dishes from Latin America are fascinating, colorful, and yes – spicy!

From Mexican, Argentinian, Peruvian and Salvadoran specialities, learn all about the many delicious creations of Latin American gastronomic creativity. Think original quesadillas to authentic empanadas and oh so delicious traditional Latin American sweets – we can’t wait to dive in!

​Maria and Eric use only the finest organic beans by Melba Coffee, sourced directly from specialty farmers. The beans are roasted fresh six days a week in a custom-designed and built roaster by a small team of specialist coffee-lovers. The result is the production of some of Melbourne’s best coffee, all from their own humble roasting house in Dandenong South.

Aside from specialising in the finest organic coffee, you’ll find new sweet additions to Café Valentina’s menu. Their South American specialities include cachitos, a puff pastry shaped horn filled with caramel. The irresistible and famously Chilean dessert chilenitos, a sweet wafer-like cookie generously sandwiched with dulce de leche and then wrapped in meringue. And mil hojas also known as thousand layers cake. This is the traditional cake of Chile, known for its thin layers of crunchy dough, dulce de leche and jam. La comida es muy rica!

Working in hospitality for more than eight years, Maria was drawn to the Market’s unique harmonious culture. Finding so many different nationalities of people that both work and shop at Dandenong Market, it is the perfect place for her to call home. “Street food gives us a story to tell,” Maria says. “It’s about our famous flavours. It’s about our diversity. It’s about sharing our culture through tastes and flavours that connect us with Latin America.”

Maria knows there is a big appetite for Latin American culture in the local area. She is looking forward to celebrating with such an enriching community and embracing the energy and love her culture will bring to the Market.

People from far and wide have been anticipating the reopening of Café Valentina. From quesadillas to empanadas – and the oh so delicious traditional Latin American sweets.

Maria and Eric enjoy reminiscing in the delights of their hometown while taking customers on a flavour journey as they taste the Latin American traditions. You’ll even get to dance along to their favourite choices of Latino music right from there at their café.

Maria’s favourite from the menu is anything sweet: “They’re all so delicious! But I also love our chicken empanadas. I love the light, tangy, taste they have. And, when you pair the empanadas with the complementary sauce, it’s next level.”

Where possible, Maria and Eric source produce from neighbouring traders and already feel right at home among the welcoming, supportive and friendly atmosphere at the Market.

Cafe Valentina is open from 7am on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and from 9am on Sundays.

Weekly Specials.

Stall Number

N1 (Meat, Fish & Deli Hall)




0429 947 776

The heart of Dandenong

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    Dandenong Market

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