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Melina’s Bakery & Larder

Melina’s Bakery and Larder

Melina from Melina’s Bakery and Larder is following in her ancestor’s footsteps, who started the family’s baking journey in 1852.

More than 100 years and five generations later, Melina and her siblings continue the tradition in their own way. Her brothers and sister are all stockists at Melina’s Bakery and Larder so Melina’s passion for her stall comes as no surprise.

Having been instilled with values such as hard work and determination, Melina knew it was time to start writing her own baking story.

Melina and her much-loved team joined the Market family in 2016 and according to Melina, “the rest is history”.

Melina’s Bakery and Larder is one of many fresh bakeries at Dandenong Market, however makes its mark by supplying fresh bread, rolls, milk, cheese and butter.

Those with a sweet tooth won’t go unnoticed either – tantalise your tastebuds with a freshly made danish, croissant, muffin, slice or cake.

Don’t want to cook for the family tonight? Melina has you covered. Stock up on quiches, pies, and more family-sized meals baked fresh for you to enjoy that day, or to feeze for later.

Where possible, Melina and her team use Australian ingredients to create their delicious freshly baked goods. Milk stocked at Melina’s Bakery and Larder is delivered from Warrnambool and the butter is Western Star.

Melina loves her stall at Dandenong Market. She’s passionate about her customers, the challenges running a  small business can bring, the laughter, entertainment, and her fellow traders.

Searching for the perfect bread?

If you’re looking for a recommendation from the owner herself, Melina suggests the multigrain sourdough, sunflower rye and expressed her bias for the white ciabatta. Melina’s passion for bread is evident from the second you meet her and customers love interacting with her lovely staff who always have a smile on their faces. She loves what bread brings to a family meal – perhaps because it has been around for her whole life.

Our resident baker acknowledges there is some competition between supermarket and local bakeries. However, she knows that supermarket bakeries move to a different rhythm and is confident that there is still an audience that appreciates fresh, well-made breads that not only support a healthy lifestyle but help to support the community too. Melina encourages her customers to try and shop locally rather than conveniently, to better their wallets and the community.

Melina’s Bakery and Larder is open every Market day and accepts cash and eftpos. 

You can find Melina’s Bakery and Larder in the Meat, Fish and Deli Hall at Dandenong Market at stall M14.

Click here to keep up with specials from Melina’s Bakery and Larder.

Stall Number

M14 (Meat, Fish & Deli Hall)




0425 718 814

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