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Cafe Marketto

Meet new owners Aijaz and Seema from Café Marketto, one of the Market’s most popular food destinations. 

Situated in The Bazaar, It is the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet meal or a coffee and cake with friends and family. 

Choose from modern breakfast options which are hugely popular with both traders and customers, or for lunch fresh sandwiches and rolls, chicken parmas, pastas and burgers. There are even scones on the menu for morning or afternoon tea!

Better yet, tantalise your taste buds with a wide range of authenic Indian dishes, including breakfast soups, curries, Indian thali and delicious biryanis. Sourcing products locally to support local business, Aijaz and Seema have always had a passion for cooking and putting that passion into their food is what helps them create some of Café Marketto’s most iconic meals.

“We also use traditional recipes passed down from generations, resulting in delicious homemade Indian food – you just HAVE to try it! Our customers love the chicken biryani but my favourite would be the South Indian Thali,” says Seema.

Aijaz and Seema love the diverse community and welcoming nature of the Market. They are excited to put forward their foodie spin on Café Marketto’s menu, sharing their culture and passion with customers.

Looking to refuel after hunting for the perfect treasure in The Bazaar? Café Marketto is the place to stop. 

Pull up a chair any Market Day or, if it’s sunny, enjoy the outdoor dining.

Café Marketto is open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 9am-4pm.

Stall Number

Y01 (The Bazaar)


Aijaz and Seema


0432 394 105

[email protected]

The heart of Dandenong

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    Dandenong Market

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