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Kadak Chai

While living in Australia, Tasneem and her husband Shabbir often reminisce about mornings back in Pakistan. The pair vividly remember the sun rising as they waited for their chai to boil, smelling the warm spices coming from the stove.
Swapping their Pakistani sun for an Australian one, Tasneem and Shabbir always missed their morning chai together. Disappointingly, chai ceased to exist in their new home. The pair instead opted for the (still extremely delicious) Melbourne coffee. Regardless, the chai-lust husband and wife continued to long for the taste and scent of spices boiling on the stove.
After recognising a gap in the market, this dynamic duo wanted to share the importance of chai in Asian cultures by bringing authentic chai flavours to new cultures. In order to do so, Tasneem and Shabbir traveled back to India for six months in order to research each flavour of traditional chai. They eventually formulated an authentic brew that was very similar to street chai in Pakistan. They also decided to turn their blend into take-home powdered chai so customers could drink it every morning.
Seven years ago, Tasneem and Shabbir launched their business in Dubai. It was largely successful for over two and a half years but eventually decided to relocate their business to Melbourne.
Tasneem was originally a frequent shopper at the Dandenong Market and remembers loving how organised the layout was. Additionally, she noticed the Market’s large multicultural audience and decided that it was the perfect place for her business.
Kadak Chai is very dear to this perfect pair as they have watched it grow from a small longing idea to a flourishing business.

Tasneem is extremely grateful to be able to share the authentic flavours with her customers and is especially appreciative of the support she gets, especially from those who travel all the way from Geelong to purchase the delicious chai.

Kadak Chai specialises in freshly brewed chai to keep you warm as you finish off your Market shopping, or you can purchase powdered chai which makes everyday life easy at home. They even supply tea vending machines for cafes, stalls and offices to have access to their fresh and warm chai blends. Tasneem and Shabbir source all raw materials from India in order to create authentic flavours that resemble street chai from Pakistan. Tasneem sources her packaging, blending and flavouring locally or chooses Australian made products.

These chai lovers suggest trying the beautiful Pink Chai, which is made with fresh milk, mixed spices, brewed with Kashmiri Tea and served with Pistachios and Almonds … Yum!

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Cart 1 (Market Square)


Shabbir Kanchwala


0449 554 353



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