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Takeaway winter warmers at Dandenong Market

Winter has well and truly begun, and it’s only bound to become colder as we head in July. So, pop on a coat and your Uggs for a trip your tastebuds (and stomachs) will thank you for.

While international travel is off the cards, warm your bellies at any of our delicious and worldly street food stalls in Market Square or the Northern Food Court. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, Italy to India – there’s a cuisine out there to suit anybody’s taste. Plus, these takeaway options are great for the winter blues – you’ll be warm from the inside out!

Check out any of these mouth-watering takeaway meals at Dandenong Market any Market day:


takeaway dandenong market

Soup from Soup Junction

Warm your stomach and your soul with a pumpkin and leek or lentil soup from Shabbir at Soup Junction.

Incorporating his family’s Indian and Pakistani food backgrounds to the menu, Soup Junction is one of the best places to enjoy healthy, warm comfort food.

His tasty soups are served piping hot in a sturdy bread bowl which is delicious to eat once it has absorbed all the flavours. Simply break off some bread, dip into these soulful bowls and let the warmth travel through your veins.

Topped with crispy noodles, the chicken manchow soup is a Market office favourite. This thick Indo-Chinese belly warmer is a mix of pepper and stir fired vegetables that fills you up until dinner time.

takeaway dandenong market

Devilled chicken curry from Piqniq Hut

Warning – this option isn’t for the faint hearted (or those who don’t handle spice well). Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The team at Piqniq Hut are spicing things up this winter with the authentic tastes of Sri Lanka!

Those wanting to take on the kick of the devilled chicken curry will find their mouth will be as warm as their belly. But don’t be discouraged, Piqniq Hut also offer a range of milder curries for those who venture on the safer side.

The team also offer vegetarian and vegan options for their beloved customers.

takeaway dandenong market

Arroz caldo from Si Kat Pinoy Eatscetera

Craving authentic Filipino food? It doesn’t get better than arroz caldo, or chicken rice porridge, during the colder months.

Reminiscent of a classic chicken soup, this creamy dish is packed with ginger, which is one of the healthiest (and most delicious) spices on the planet. This traditional Filipino comfort food is perfect for the wintertime and with toppings like hard-boiled eggs, is guaranteed to brighten up a dreary day.

takeaway at dandenong market

Roast duck bahn mi from Little Asia

Little Asia’s roast duck bahn mi is a fierce competitor against the classic Vietnamese pork roll which so many of us enjoy. If you’re wanting to tantalise your tastebuds this winter – we’d suggest checking out this underdog next time you’re at the Market.

Little Asia has mastered the bread to ingredient ratio, and with a combination of carefully julienned carrots, coriander, meat and your choice of spread – you’ll be delighted with the taste.

For those fighting the winter chill, ask (nicely) for some extra chilli and let the warmth spread from your head to your toes.

takeaway at dandenong market

G’s special pizza from G’s Pizzeria

Nothing satisfies hunger quite like a pizza from G’s Pizzeria – and while this cheesy delight is enjoyed all year round, a warm pizza on a cold winters day just hits the spot.

New owners Najwa and Micky G top their pizzas with the freshest ingredients and oodles of love. Those with adventurous tastebuds are invited to enjoy a slice of heaven in the form of ‘G’s Special’. And if the warmth of this fresh Italian cuisine doesn’t do the trick, the hot salami and spices sure will!

For those wanting to keep it traditional – G’s margherita is the perfect combination of cheese, tomato and dough.

Need. Pizza. Now!!!!!

takeaway dandenong market

Aloo tikki chaat from Down Town Punjab

A popular Indian Street food, aloo tikki chaat is a must-try at Dandenong Market.

The spicy and tangy dish is the favourite of our resident vegetarian in the Market Office. The delicious and aromatic chaat covers hot and crispy aloo tikki (potato patties) for a taste you will never forget.

The warm aloo tikki and spicy chaat makes this the perfect winter meal.

Pan fried pork dumplings from San San’s Dumpling House

Made using her grandfather’s recipe, Xian from San San’s Dumpling House brings you the iconic and much-loved pan-fried pork dumplings.

These delicious pockets of goodness will make your stomach and heart sing with joy as they hit your lips, treating your tastebuds to their flavour.

And although we would all love to take Xian home, the dumpling queen also offers frozen dumplings to keep in your kitchen. What a delight!

Signature kebab from Shish Delish

Can’t decide between a cheeseburger and a kebab? Why not have both?

Shish Delish’s signature kebab combines the juicy flavours into one pita wrapped treat! They’re tasty and hot off the grill in the Northern Food Court for those wanting to keep warm during the colder months.

Snap a shot eating one of Shish’s many creations and make you friends jealous – it’s a flavour bomb dream come true!

Classic hot jam donuts from Dandee Donuts

Calling all donut lovers… we know you’re out there!

National Donut Day was such a hit – because who doesn’t love a Dandee Donut.

Cooked on-site and pumped with the sweetest of jams, these doughy delights are not to be missed this winter.

Hot tip: never wear white while eating one of these bad boys – it’s a disaster waiting to happen!

Burek from Dandy Burek

Set yourself up for a cold winters’ day with a warm breakfast in the form of a delicious Dandy Burek.

This traditional south-eastern European pastry can be filled with cheese, meat or spinach and is the perfect way to start your day.

Dandy Burek whip up fresh burek each Market day using a secret family recipe. Delightfully filling and deliciously moreish.

Beast burger from The Grill

Forget the ‘cheat day’ guilt next time you visit the Market and chomp down one of The Grill’s delicious creations.

Their ‘Beast Burger’ combines eggs, bacon and The Grill’s special sauce to the classic and beloved cheeseburger.

So, stop counting your calories and delight in the deliciousness that is the BEAST!

Gozleme from Dough Works

A lighter meal, Gozleme is a Turkish speciality that is enjoyed by many who visit the Market.

Nominated by Herald Sun’s Taste Food Editor as one of the best eats at the Market, pick up this deliciously warm Turkish dish from Dough Works for takeaway next time you’re here!

Best paired with lemon juice, there’s a gozleme out there for meat-eaters and vegos alike!

Mantu dumplings from Kabul Kitchen

Mouth-watering and loved by many, the dumpling is enjoyed by a number of different nationalities all around the world.

The Afghan dumpling, or Afghan mantu are a crowd favourite on the menu at resident traders, Kabul Kitchen. Typically topped with lentils and a yoghurt, these delicious dough wrapped delights are steamed for hungry customers. They’re just as tasty warmed up again if you need to take them home!

We’re drooling already!

Poffertjes from Dutch Poffertjes

For those who haven’t tried Dutch Poffertjes, firstly, where have you been? And secondly, why haven’t you started queuing???

Made with a secret recipe, these petite pancakes are topped with mouth-watering ingredients like melted butter, maple syrup and whipped cream. Sweet tooths can also enjoy chocolate sauce to spike their blood sugar!

Make the most of the winter months and enjoy these tasty treats guilt free!

Hot cane from Saccha Sugarcane 

Warm your belly with a cup of Saccha Sugarcane’s delicious hot cane juice.

With mix-ins like lime or kumquat, ginger, and chilli – there’s a flavour out there for everybody!

They’re sweet and warm. Just like a hug from the ones you love!


Try any of these mouth-watering takeaway options at Dandenong Market any Market day!


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