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Mixed up snack plate

Take the stress out of snacks for back to school or simply entertaining at home. Healthy, nude-food snacks don't have to be tricky! Here are a few simple back-to-school snacks that are super tasty, wholesome and easy to throw in their lunch box - or on a platter when friends drop around. And the best part, you can find it all at the Market.

  1. Hummus with paprika
  2. Veggie sticks - capsicum (red & green), cucumber, carrot
  3. Green seedless grapes
  4. Cut corn cobs into smaller pieces, steam and pop in the fridge the night before for an easy snack
  5. Natural yoghurt with berries (and a drizzle of honey)
  6. Seasonal berries
  7. Boil an egg (great source of protein) 
  8. Cube pieces of cheese
  9. Cherry tomatoes
  10. Include some of their favourite crackers or nuts

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