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Meet Ross Pecora Cheeses

Known for gourmet cheeses at amazing prices, Ross Pecora of Ross Pecora Cheeses shares his story.

Ross started at Dandenong Market working for his uncle Charlie 30 years ago, selling fruit and nuts. After watching the success of his uncle selling a small amount of cheese, Ross saw a great opportunity and decided to start up his own stall at Dandenong Market.

With a young family to support, he couldn’t think of a better reason to venture out and start up a new family business.

When reminiscing on fond memories of the early days at the Market, Ross, a casual trader, remembers how and it difficult it could be to get a spot. Every Market day Ross would arrive super early to wait in the cold, only to be turned away as there were no available spots. Being cheeky and resourceful, Ross got friends and family to call the Market every day and ask if the cheese man was there, finally securing him a permanent spot.

Starting with one table, Ross has grown his family business to six people working at his popular stall, all of which are members of his family. The secret to Ross Pecora’s success is selling a quality product at a great price. He personally sources all the products and has a loyal following of customers all over Melbourne.

Ross Pecora Cheeses stocks a wide selection of cheeses including the ever-popular cheddar, halloumi, feta and soft cheese range.

Training horses is Ross Pecora’s other passion. He loves their natural beauty as well as the thrill of reaping the rewards after all the hard work he puts into them. Ross has been training horses for 25 years and feels blessed to have two successful family businesses.

Family comes first for Ross, with six children, three girls and three boys, his passion and family are the keys to his success.

Visit Ross Pecora Cheeses (Market Square)

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