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Meet A & P Musai Leather Jackets

Known for superb quality and expert workmanship, Aslan Musai of A & P Musai Leather Jackets is one of the Market’s longest-selling traders, offering customers a choice of fashionable leather jackets and vests at affordable prices.

Aslan was born in the city of Struga in the ex-Yugoslavia (now known as Macedonia). Yugoslavia at that time was under communist rule.

During the 1970’s when Aslan turned 18, he got a passport and moved to France. The leather lover lived in Paris for three years working in a garment factory where he learnt the trade of sewing, pattern and dressmaking for men’s clothing.

Whilst in France, Aslan lost his passport which presented him with a problem. If he was to return home to Yugoslavia to apply for another passport, he would be drafted into the army. Alas, he, unfortunately, had no choice. Aslan wasn’t drafted into the army straight away, and during the six months of waiting to be deployed, Alsan met his future wife Pakiza.

While Aslan was in the army, his then girlfriend Pakiza had decided that she wanted to move to Australia where her father was living. Despite having no family in Australia, Aslan decided that he would follow his heart and make the move to follow to love of his life.

In 1979, Aslan and Pakiza married and within a week she had moved to Australia whilst Aslan stayed in Yugoslavia. And in 1980, Aslan joined his blushing bride.

Aslan started working in a rubber mill factory where he worked gruelling 12 hour days and eventually started wheel installations not long after. Five years down the track, Aslan decided to make the move into the Australian fashion industry

In 1985, he started work at an atelier in Chapel Street, finally returning to his much-loved craft, sewing and making men’s clothing. With a wealth of experience behind him Aslan and Pakiza decided to go into business for themselves.

In 1987 they set up a business at the Dandenong Market designing and selling custom-made leather jackets, vests, skirts, and other items from saddlebags to motorbike gear.

Fast forward to today, and Aslan one of the Markets longest selling traders, still offer customers a choice of fashionable leather jackets and vests at good quality prices.


Visit Aslan & Pakiza at A & P Musai Leather Jackets (H7 – 8 The Bazaar)

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