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5 essential spices for your pantry

Are your cupboards bursting with packets and spices that you never use or need? These top five spices will pack your dishes with flavour whether you’re baking a cake or cooking a curry.


Curry Powder

A great spice essential, curry powder is lovely to flavour soups, stews and marinades, it contains a mild blend of more than a dozen spices.


Cumin Ground

An essential spice for Mexican, Indian, Caribbean and North African dishes with its warm, sweet and spicy flavour, cumin ground enhances appetite, taste perception, digestion, vision and strength.


Cinnamon Powder

Delicious cakes, cookies and all types of baking, cinamon powder’s sweet and delicate flavour is also great for curries, meatloaf, tagines and stews.                        


Turmeric Powder

Known for its distinct and pungent flavour, turmeric powder is often used in Indian and Moroccan food, this spice has a load of health benefits. Sprinkle it  into boiling water to add a vibrant color to your rice.


Chilli Flakes

Dried chillies have a very different flavor to fresh ones, as upon drying caramelization of the sugars takes place, which creates a delicious, robust taste not found in fresh chillies. Totally delicious sprinkled over pizzas, pies, meats and salads for a spicy boost.


All our featured spices are available from Sam’s Spice and Grocery.

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