Bus and tour groups

Bus and tour groups are warmly welcomed to Dandenong Market

Everyone from around the world feels at home here, so you will too. It’s like strolling around a souk, meandering through a hawkers market or blending into a bazaar. The aromas are tantalising and the sights unusual, with the constant presence of families, exotic, abundant food and the irresistible allure of mysterious tastes from afar.

Tour operators are encouraged to contact Dandenong Market to discuss your specific needs and requirements - we can happily accommodate a wide range of interests and needs.


All visitors to the Market who arrive via a coach tour receive:

  • Dandenong Market shopping bag
  • $5 Dandenong Market voucher
  • Dandenong Market Directory
  • Dandenong Market self-guided tour
  • Recipes



  • Coach parking is available at 40 Cleeland Street, outside the Dandenong Market Management Office.



  • Dandenong Market is accessibility-friendly with ramps to the underground car park, as well as a lift. Accessible toilets are also available for visitors.
  • Baby change rooms are also available (located in the Meat, Fish and Deli Hall, and the The Bazaar).



Please download the "Dandenong Market Guide for Tour Operators" - see bottom of page. The Guide includes information about coach tour visits, a booking form and notes about the Market for Tour Operators.


To arrange a visit:

  • Please first read the "Dandenong Market Guide for Tour Operators" (available below).
  • To book a tour, please complete the Tour booking form (available below) and return to info@dandenongmarket.com.au or faxed to 03 9769 2629.
  • For questions, guidance or discuss how we can assist your visit, please contact Groups and Tours liaison Lisa Hughan on 03 9701 3850 or via info@dandenongmarket.com.au.