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M is for Market

The Market’s newest artwork is here

‘M’ is for Market is Dandenong Market’s latest visual arts acquisition. The artwork is a sculpture by Melbourne artist Anne Ross. The work was commissioned by Dandenong Market to commemorate our 150th anniversary.

Anne Ross

The Market apporached Ross at the start of the year to create the work for Market Square in honour of our anniversary “Market Square receives over 100,000 visitors every week, and was the perfect site for a bold and iconic artwork to celebrate our 150th birthday,” says Julie Busch, Chair, Dandenong Market. “Dandenong Market has a strong commitment to the visual arts, and we recognised an opportunity to expand our collection, permanently honouring this historic milestone”.
Experienced judges chose Ross’s work from three short-listed submissions. Members included John M. Cunningham (Director, McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery); Jane Alexander (Gallery Director, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery) and David O’Halloran (Public Arts Officer, City of Greater Dandenong)
Anne’s concept stood out for its playfulness and the panel connected with the idea of having a work that honours the Market’s history without being too literal. Additionally, ‘M’ is for Market will to appeal to a very broad demographic of market visitors, regardless of age, race and religion. It’s fun!
Anne’s work is famous for its vibrancy and quirkiness. She’s an experienced sculptor who has worked on many public sculpture commissions in Australia and overseas. Anne delights in surprising viewers of her work, creating sculptures with distinct personalities.

Making ‘M’ is for Market

‘M’ is for Market is made of bronze and weighs over two tonnes, including its plinth (base). Anne spent many labour intensive hours bringing ‘M’ to life based on her original pencil drawings. She was hands-on throughout every stage of the sculptural process which is now considered to be an ‘old school’ way of working. This traditional approach means that Anne’s final work looks just as she intended.

M is for Market is a figurative work, but it leaves people guessing. Is it an animal? A person? Male or female? The answers are open to your personal interpretation.

“I love bringing story-telling into my work”, says Ross “and evoking the playfulness of childhood in the viewer”.

When you’re next at the Market, we’d love you to visit ‘M’ is for Market and experience this vibrant work for yourself first hand.

For more information about Anne Ross, visit anneross.com.au

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