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Childhood Dream

Emerging Melbournian artist Kenz has created a new artwork for Dandenong Market, in the stairwell area connecting Market square to the multi-deck car cark.

Kenz was tasked with creating a flowing, interconnected artwork located on three different levels throughout the liftwell in Market Square. Kenz was challenged to capture both the hard-working spirit and humour of Dandenong Market’s traders, whilst also highlighting the multiculturalism of the Dandenong community.

Kenz said of his piece, “With this mural, my intention is to explore and demonstrate the dedication and commitment of people in the diverse Dandenong Market community.

Dandenong Market’s community – both traders and visitors – is full with all people from different backgrounds and skill-sets. I relate to them in some ways, as I was born overseas and moved to Australia at early age. All the themes featured in this artwork involve characters of all ages, representing determination but with optimism and a sense of humour.

It is my intention to capture the fighting spirit and positivity of the immigrant community in this 3-level space. I hope to provide a bit of surprise with this piece and perhaps raise a smile for market visitors.”

Childhood Dream was commissioned by Dandenong Market as part of our street art programme. Other artworks include Rising Phoenix by Bonsai, Year of the Wolf by Heesco, A Colourful Past by Heesco, In Bloom by Heesco, and To Market To Market by Kaff-Eine.

About Kenz

Kenz is an emerging artist in contemporary and street art field who produces artworks that represent the influences with the stages of dreaming with conscious/unconscious state of minds. Kenz is recognisable for his palette of soft tones with bold round line works and shapes. Kenz says he believes they represent dynamic expression well, on a variety of surfaces and sizes.

Kenz moved to Australia in 2008 from Thailand, which straight away at early age he was then introduced to this supportive diverse art community that has mentored and helped him since then.

Kenz has produced works for galleries and organisations such as No vacancy collective, Blenders studio, Collingwood art precinct, Glow Winters art festival, SIGNAL, Rialto Tower, Bside galleries, City of Melton, Melbourne, Yarra, Prahran, Belgrave, and others.

To view more of Kenz’s work, visit his Instagram or website.

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