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Top 10 herbs & spices for sensational roasts

Best herbs and spices for seasoning meat and fish

There are no set guidelines for which herbs and spices are best for seasoning different cuts of meat or fish, this is the time to be creative and have some fun!

An important tip to remember is not to overpower any cut of meat with seasoning as the meat or fish should be always the star of the roast.




Unlike many other aromatic herbs, rosemary does not lose its flavor by slow cooking and roasting. While cooking, sprinkle rosemary leaves and branches directly onto the roast and the wonderful aroma of the burning herb will permeate whatever you are cooking.


Ras el hanout       

Ras el hanout seasoning for meat

A blend of exotic spices from an array of cultures including, Arabic, Moroccan and North Africa. Mix with a a good virgin olive oil and rub on any meat. Discover a new and delicious taste sensation to your roast.




Sumac is a lovely seasoning for roast chicken and pork during cooking. It also forms a tasty crust when coated onto roasted lamb joints before cooking.


Smoked paprika

smoked paprika seasoning

Adding great colour and flavour to any roast, smoked paprika’s smooth taste derived from bell peppers is the perfect seasoning for roast meats and vegetables.




Rich and warm in flavour turmeric adds an exotic touch to a roast. Simply blend it with olive oil and use it as a rub on any roast meat before cooking.




An aromatic herb with a strong flavour, sage is great for adding to a roast for a rich taste. Perfect for adding to vegetables and seasoning all roast meat cuts.




Used by many countries and cultures for centuries, this lovely herb is a traditional favourite for adding flavour and aroma to any roast on its own or combined with other herbs.


Cajun spice

cajun spice for seasoning meat

Packed with a blend of hot and spicy flavours, cajun spice is sensational when blended into a rub on roasted chicken and fish giving them a blackened crispy coating when cooked.


Garam masala

garam masala

A traditional and delicious Indian blend of herbs, gram masala is superb when used for slow roasting, especially good with lamb and beef for rich and exotic flavour.


Cumin seeds

cumin seeds

A perfect addition to a slow roast to add a sweet, rich and pungent flavour. Traditionally used in curries cumin seeds can also add a delicious taste to roast vegetables and meats.


Any of these spices and more can be found at Sam’s Spice and Grocery.

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