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Healthy Easter treats for kids

Easter doesn’t have to be about chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. We’ve scoured the foodie blogs for the best of kid’s healthy food for Easter.


1. Potato chicks

healthy kids snacks easter

These too-cute chicks by The Art of Nutrition are made from steamed potato, corn, carrots, peas, beans and olives.


2. Easter bunny veggie platter

easter bunny veggie platter

Gorgeous cauliflower bunny on a bed of kale from Mummy on the Money.


3. Easter egg lunch

easter lunch ideas

A Kailo Chic Life filled plastic eggs with baby carrots, cucumber, home-grown broccoli, little turkey sandwiches cut into flower shapes, cheese cut into the same flower shapes, raisins, crackers, puff cereal, grape tomatoes, and rice krispie treat egg. Such a cute way to make healthy eating fun!


4. Hard-boiled hatching chicks

hard boiled eggs

We love these fun little hatching chicks from She Knows.


5. Easy Easter appetiser

easter healthy snacks

We think this is the sweetest dip we’ve ever seen! The Nesting Corral made this awesome appetiser using a shepherd loaf filled with spinach dip, with cucumbers and baby carrots for dippers.


6. Carrot patch

carrot snack

Another awesome dip idea, featuring hummus, baby carrots and curly parsley. From Family Fun.


7. Bunny head fresh fruit platter

fruit platter dandenong market

A giant bunny head fruit platter is sure to bring a few smiles to the breakfast table or party table! From Worth Pinning.


8. Watermelon rabbit

watermelon bunny recipe

One impressive job for someone who is handy with a carving knife. From Watermelon.org.


9. Bento bunny

bento box ideas easter

This bento bunny – made from hen egg, with cheese ears, nori face and spaghetti whiskers – is the ultimate lunchtime treat. From Happy Little Bento.


10. Sandwich chick

kids sandwiches

We love this cute chick popping out of his egg from Eats Amazing, with white and brown bread sliced bread.


11. Easter fruit and veggie cups

healthy snacks for kids easter

These cups are perfect for a party or for after-school snacks and they can be filled with anything you want! Have the kids decorate their cups, then fill them up with a healthy serving of fruits, veggies or grains! From Simple As That.


12. Cheese & cracker chicks

healthy snacks for kids easter

What a cracker! Love these cool chicks, check out how to make them at Canadian Family, a great site with fun recipe ideas.


13. Fruit eggs

healthy snacks for kids easter

Have you ever seen a more delicious Easter egg? This fresh and healthy fun idea for Easter is from Cookin and Kickin, check out how to make it here.


14. What’s up doc?

hardboiled eggs

Grumpy bunnies will love eating this funny fella, created by Cute For Kids.


15. Pineapple nest

pineapple easter treat

LOL kids will love building their own birds nests for a healthy snack, this great idea is from Fun Family Crafts.

16. Fluff puffs


So cute and gorgeous, you just have to eat it! The cute sandwich bunny is by Eats Amazing.

17. Easter garden

easter snacks

Make your chicks a home with this yummy idea from Arty Crafty Mom.

18. Bunny bread

kids easter snack healthy

Yum yum in my tum! Where to start with this fantastic inspiration from HoliCoffee.


19. Egg in the nest

easter lunch ideas

Nothing beats egg on toast, but egg in bread with sauce on top – heaven! This saucy sanger is from Cute for Kids.


20. Funny bunny

funny easter bunny snack

Create your own crazy rabbit with these fun ideas from Fitness Enhancement.


21. Super smoothies

healthy smoothies for kids

Sip on a delish fruit smoothie Easter morning for a power punch of energy, this awesome idea and recip is from Super Healthy Kids.


22. Nest egg

easter healthy snacks for kids

A delight for the senses, these lovely little nests could not be more yummy or healthy. Created by Eats Amazing.

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