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Happy Birthday to us – Dandenong Market turns 154!

Happy 154th Birthday to us.

Dandenong Market has been at the heart of the Dandenong community since 1866 and this Saturday 10 October, we are celebrating 154 years of operation.

Much like the city we have called home for all these years, Dandenong Market is always evolving. These days, customers travel far and wide for the range, quality and price of produce, food and merchandise. But for many, it’s the memories the Market holds of their childhood that brings them back. The taste of a sweet Dandee donut, the football oval that once sat next door or jeep rides around the Market. 
In the early days, Dandenong Market was a popular fortnightly livestock market that was much-loved by local and Gippsland farmers. Popular items included livestock, dairy products and fresh fruit as well has hay, honey and lard.
The Market continued to evolve, moving to its current site in 1927 to accommodate the ever-growing population of the agricultural centre. The offering began to change too. Confectionary, clothing, hosiery, leather, shoes, smallgoods and grocery traders became popular items of traders who were now trading weekly.
Much like it is today, Dandenong Market has remained open through large and devastating world events to support the community. The Market became sleeping quarters for soldiers in the Second World War and played a vital role in providing economic opportunities for people during The Great Depression.
In 2020, Dandenong Market has continued to trade both for the customers and for the wellbeing of its traders. The response of the community during these tough times humbles us. We see more people supporting small businesses, customers shopping for elderly neighbours, and our traders donating fresh produce to local charities. If there is one good news story in the midst of COVID-19, it is the love felt from the Market community.
Dandenong Market in 2020
Each day we see a new Market with new customers, new stories and new beginnings. Dandenong Market welcomes more than 5.6 million visitors each year and remains the cultural hub of the City of Greater Dandenong. More than 200 small family businesses sell a variety of products. From soaps to seedlings, fish to flowers, and bread to Bahn mi, Dandenong Market has it all. We celebrate 156 different nationalities every Market day and hold annual cultural events that welcome more than 35,000 people.
We eagerly await the day we can reintroduce a sense of normality to the Market but look forward to witnessing the ever-changing narrative that is Dandenong Market.



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