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Cold and flu fresh fixes

We have some fantastic natural flu remedies that will hopefully have you kicking your winter bugs and have you feeling better and brighter in no time!

Fight a cold with spicy soups

broth for flu immunity
Breathe better and ease congestion with a bitey broth. Brew up a yummy vegetable or chicken soup using a pinch of cayenne pepper known to fight aches, pain and fever from colds. Brews also help clear blocked sinuses and helps with headaches due to its blood circulation benefits. Try this yummy and hearty chicken and vegetable soup with a dash of Cayenne pepper.

Full recipe here 


Body boosters

natural flu remedies
Kick-start your immune system back into action with some beta carotene fresh foods known for their powerful immune boosting properties. Eat them either raw, in a salad, cooked, mashed, on the side or in a broth.

Beta Carotene Beauties are carrots, lettuce, pumpkin, sweet potato, kale, spinach, peppers, hot chillies, mustard greens and Chinese cabbage.

Say goodbye to that nas-tea cold!

tea for flu remedies

Some say a cup of tea cures everything, and those old wives tales may be true. White and green tea have the highest amount of antioxidants but all tea is good for colds because they contain ‘theophllines’ that open the airways. Peppermint tea is extra special if you’re not well as it eases a sore throat, clears sinuses and congestion while settling your tummy too.

These natural flu remedies are available at the Market including Sam’s Spice & Grocery.

Flu flushers

saccha sugar cane

Perfect for colds and right on our doorstep!

Wash nasty germs and mucus down the drain literally from your mouth, nose and throat to your stomach where powerful acids destroy them with hydrating liquids.

Pack a punch with a fresh juice, make your own with Vitamin C packed fruits like oranges, strawberries, lemons, cumquats, pears, passionfruit and tangelos, they are all winter season fruits and super fresh and at great prices at Dandenong Market or pop into Saccha Cane Juice for one of their fresh healthy juices.

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