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Best meat cuts for roast perfection

There’s nothing better than a roast dinner, and the star of the show is always the meat, so depending on how you like to cook your roast, here’s our top tips on what cuts of meat are best to buy, and how best to cook them.

Leg of lamb

leg of lamb cut of meat
A traditional Sunday lunch favourite, this beautiful roast is sensational when cooked with rosemary and garlic.

Beef eye fillet

A premium piece of meat, perfect with a red wine or mushroom sauce or simply on its own with cracked pepper and baby chat potatoes.

Beef porterhouse

The most popular of beef roasts, so succulent the whole family will enjoy with an array of roast vegetables and yummy gravy.

Pork loin

So tasty, this lovely pork loin cut is delicious when roasted with apples or honey and is surprisingly lean and tender throughout.

Pork belly

pork belly dandenong market
A total crowd pleaser, pork belly is the most delicious cut of the pig, after all it’s what they make bacon from!

Blade roast

blade roast
A traditional roast cut that can be cooked in many ways, perfect roasted or eaten with a variety of mustards.

Lamb rump

Tasty and tender, this yummy cut of meat is moist and juicy and great with lemon, rosemary and mint to flavour.

Pork scotch

Lean and healthy, the pork scotch cut has less fat but still packs the flavour, totally delicious when roasted with fennel and lemon.

Rolled leg of pork

leg of pork cut
Mouth-wateringly good, a rolled leg of pork is perfect for a dinner party or family gathering, yummy when roasted with apples and cider.

Beef girello

A family favourite, this delicious slow cooked beef makes a wonderful meal and leftovers make the yummiest sandwich fillings.

Lamb shoulder

lamb shoulder
The perfect simple slow roast, so easy and tasty pop a lamb shoulder in the oven with onions and garlic in the morning and its mouth watering ready for dinner.

Shoulder of pork

Simple to cook and perfect for weekend entertaining, put in the oven in the morning and will slow roast ready for a delicious dinner.

Beef rump

Slow roasting this tougher cut of meat will tenderise it perfectly so its moist, juicy and tender where it literally falls apart in your mouth!

Pork neck

Lovely and succulent when slow roasted the pork neck will be sweet, fragrant and tender especially when thyme, rosemary and bay leaves are added.

Beef silverside

beef silver side
A great Aussie classic, beef silverside is tender and tasty when slow roasted and totally delicious when served with mash and gravy.


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