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Dandenong Market celebrates Waitangi Day


If you don't know what Waitangi Day is, now is the time to find out and, if you do know, then you’re already aware of how much fun you’ll have! Now in its eighth year at Dandenong Market, Waitangi Day is a celebration of traditional New Zealand and Pacific Island street food and live cultural performances.

Waitangi Day commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealand and is named after Waitangi, where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed on 6 February 1840. The Treaty of Waitangi made New Zealand a part of the British Empire, guaranteed Maori rights to their land and gave Maoris the rights of British subjects.

On Sunday 5 February 2023 (11am-3pm) at Dandenong Market, that melting pot of nationalities and food, you’ll see a day packed with entertainment and New Zealand food to celebrate this special day. at this INDOOR family-firendly event there will be the traditional kapa haka performances, of course, as well as cultural performances and live music. 

And most importantly there is the food, the hugely popular traditional hāngi will be on offer from Dandenong Market's hawker trader New Zealand Street Food. For those with a sweet tooth, flavour favourites Perky Nana, Hokey Pokey and Pineapple Lump Kiwi Shakes will fulfil all sweet cravings.

So come along and celebrate this special day with our closest neighbors who we love.... this event is FREE to attend and is family friendly fun for all ages.


New Zealand Street Food

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