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Peanut Market

Known as Vava Pantry online, Peanut Market stocks more than 450 product lines including nuts, spices, seeds, beans and dried fruits.

Once a stall consisting of six nut bags set up on a curbside, Peanut Market has come a long way since 1974. Owned originally by Sam Vavasis’ parents, Peanut Market is a third-generation family business that is now run by Sam and his two kids, Will and Constance.

Their family bond along with years of experience gives this dream team the ability to become bigger and better every Market day. Constantly striving for greatness, Peanut Market, and Sam’s additional stalls Perfect Coffee and Sam’s Spice and Grocery are always up to date with new trends. As Will and Constance come from the digital generation, it’s no surprise that the business boasts its very own website, Vava Pantry, and Instagram page.

Stocking everything you need to turn your cooking into a taste sensation. With more than 450 product lines, Sam is a strong promoter of organic products including nuts, spices, seeds, beans and dried fruits.

Sam’s products range from great-tasting flavored cashews or smoked almonds to unique items from far-flung lands such as Iranian raisins.

 Sam says the key to the Peanut Market’s success has been supplying customers what they need. Sam prides himself on being able to source hard-to-find nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. And if Sam doesn’t have it, drop by or give him a call – he’s always happy to help out.

Peanut Market is open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 7am and Sundays from 9am.

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Stall Number

P11-13 (The Pantry)


Sam Vavasis


9792 4697

The heart of Dandenong

Dandenong Market location map

    Dandenong Market

    Clow Street & Cleeland Street
    Dandenong, VIC 3175

    Opening Hours

    Friday 7am - 4pm

    Saturday 7am - 4pm

    Sunday 9am-4pm

    Monday CLOSED

    Tuesday 7am - 4pm

    Wednesday CLOSED

    Thursday CLOSED

    Stall Number