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Dandenong Butchers

‘Meat’ Paul Chann and Laing Huy from Dandenong Butchers – the Market’s newest meat connoisseurs. 

This business savvy couple met in Cambodia many years ago after Paul had returned home from a trip to Australia. After falling hard for his future wife, Paul encouraged Laing to join him in Australia when she was just 19. Agreeing excitedly, Paul supported Laing in her big move.

The pair love living in Australia. Laing explains how the move allowed her to escape war in her birth country. “Australia is a good country,” she said. “It is safe and there is lots of freedom”.

With a family history in butchering, Paul knew he would eventually end up in the family business. He and his wife bought their first business in 2011 and now have at least 10 years experience in the trade. Orginally owning a butcher in Box Hill, the pair couldn’t be happier with their move to Dandenong.

Not only are customers friendly, but they represent a vast range of nationalities that Paul and Laing love to interact with.

“We love the multiculturalism at the Market. We are always learning from them and enjoy understanding their purchasing habits,” said Laing.

In addition to family history, Laing was inspired to get into the business though her love for cooking. The budding chef loves to cut all types of meats ready for the days trade while thinking about what she can whip up for dinner that night. Some family favourites include lamb and beef curries as well as a delicious pork noodle pho. 

Interestingly, the pair have noted that Dandenong’s favourite meat is lamb which Laing assumes customers use in all types of cusine at home. Dandenong Butchers also specialise in beef, pork, chicken and sausages.

Paul and Laing are proud to provide good quality cuts of meat to the Dandenong Market community in addition to their friendly customer service. The team are open every Market day until 4pm in the Meat, Fish and Dei Hall.

Visit Paul and Laing today to welcome them to the Dandenong Market family.

Stall Number

M18-20 (Meat, Fish & Deli Hall)


Paul Chann and Laing Huy


8774 5515

The heart of Dandenong

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    Dandenong Market

    Clow Street & Cleeland Street
    Dandenong, VIC 3175

    Opening Hours

    Friday 7am - 4pm

    Saturday 7am - 4pm

    Sunday 9am-4pm

    Monday CLOSED

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