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Meet Hart’s Honey

Hart’s Honey is one of Dandenong Market’s hottest traders with people coming from all over Melbourne for their delicious honey. Slovenian born Joza Hart and his wife Cati have been producing honey from their property in Lilydale for many years.

Joza’s father was a beekeeper in Slovenia with up to 500 beehives. Bees were a hobby and passion for him and although he sold honey, he did not make much profit from it.

The Hart family moved to Australia in 1969 and started their beekeeping business back up, producing honey from the extraction stage right through to the packing and selling stage. They originally supplied to the big packers including “Capilano” one of the world’s leading honey suppliers.  Joza’s father now in his 80’s still keeps his passion alive with beekeeping.

Joza and Cati originally lived in Coffs Harbour QLD and Joza owned and breed racehorses and well as keeping up the family tradition of beekeeping. Joza’s family eventually headed south to Melbourne, so Joza’s daughters could attend university, they bought a property in Lilydale where they pack their honey from.

Harts Honey originally had over 400 beehives when they started in Melbourne. This has now grown to 600 beehives.

Joza has portable hives which are constantly moved from property to property around Victoria and even into NSW.  Changes in environment with its characteristic trees and flowers allows his bees to produce various varieties of honey including Yellow Box, Iron Bark, Stringybark, Mixed Blossom and Red Gum.

Joza also stocks favourite brands of honey, including Leatherwood which is only produced in Tasmania and Manuka Honey from New Zealand. He also stocks creamed honey and honeycomb.

Joza started at the Dandenong Market in 2005. He wanted to bring his honey to the market to attract a wider customer base as well as selling from other markets and his property in Lilydale. He has built up his successful business at Dandenong Market, and enjoys a loyal customer base. His honey is so popular that he not only sells to local customers, but Chinese customers purchase his honey in bulk, in order to export to China. If honey supplies are low, then Joza has a loyal base of other beekeepers that help out with product for him to sell.

Hart's Honey N2 Meat Fish Deli Hall

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