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Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to Dandenong Market!

On this day 155 years ago Dandenong Market opened its (metaphorical) doors for the first time. Originally market yards welcoming auctioneers who sold cattle, horses, pigs and rams, we’re certain the Market looks a little different these days.

Now boasting more than 200 small businesses, we’re proud to be the jewel in the crown that is Greater Dandenong. Many of our much-loved traders have grown up within the Market; reminiscing on the site which was eventually redeveloped between 2005 and 2010. 

Fishmonger Dennis Schwarze, whose family first opened Schwarze Seafoods in 1930, has been at the Market since birth. He recalls making friends with the children of other traders in the early days and running amok while his dad and grandmother tended to the shop. These days, Dennis loves the multiculturalism which is alive in Dandenong; he appreciates the passion each culture has for foods and the customers who stop into Dennis’ stall four times a week for the catch of the day. 

“We’re all one big family here at Dandenong Market” – Dennis Schwarze

We too love the melting pot of culture which lives within this community meeting place. Witnessing 157 different nationalities co-existing in harmony warms our hearts and gives us faith for peace among all one day.

It is this harmonious existence that has made Dandenong Market home for many over the past 18 months. Financial and social heartache is felt between traders and customers alike however it is this mutual understanding which has promoted a sense of unity within this community. Dandenong Market has always supported the community through tough times; as far back as World War 1 and the Great Depression. Today, this support is reciprocated by loyal customers who have prioritised shopping with small businesses over large chain supermarkets. To those people, we say thank you.

Although we can’t celebrate this milestone how we would like to, we hope you can join us during the month of October to say Happy Birthday to your community market, your chefs’ market, your cultural market, your market; Dandenong Market.

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Dandenong Market location map

    Dandenong Market

    Clow Street & Cleeland Street
    Dandenong, VIC 3175

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    Friday 7am - 4pm

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    Sunday 9am-4pm

    Monday CLOSED

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