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Dandy Rugs & Furniture

Dandy Rugs & Furniture has an extensive collection from around the world with the latest in design and colours at the very best prices.

Located on Cleeland Street, Quality Rugs & Furniture are open 7 days from 8am – 6pm. 

Stall Number

Shop 2-3 (The Bazaar)


Sayed Balkhi


9791 9001

The heart of Dandenong

    Dandenong Market

    Clow Street & Cleeland Street
    Dandenong, VIC 3175

    Opening Hours

    Thursday CLOSED

    Friday 7am - 5pm
    (The Bazaar is open 8am – 4pm)

    Saturday 7am - 4pm
    (The Bazaar is open 8am – 4pm)

    Sunday 10am - 3pm

    Monday CLOSED

    Tuesday 7am - 4pm
    (The Bazaar is open 8am – 4pm)

    Wednesday CLOSED

    Stall Number