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Meet Joe’s Fish

Known for the best advice on fish, aquariums and everything you need to buy and know about fish, meet Joe and Jacintha Fernandez of Joe’s Fish.

Joe is a passionate fish breeder who has been in the business for the last 45 years.  Joe started at the Dandenong Market 17 years ago with a couple of tanks on a table and a few fish and some fish food and accessories. Fish have been a hobby for Joe since the age of seven.

Years of study dedicated to the individual behavioural patterns, lifestyle, illnesses and requirements of fish are now made available to you.

Joe is able to diagnose, provide advice and treat abnormalities in fish using natural treatments. If you are contemplating setting up an aquarium or just a goldfish in a bowl, whatever your requirements, Joe will be able to give you genuine and sound advice on what best suits you.

Originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, Joe began as a child with a bowl of fish and slowly started rearing fish in tanks, this is where Joe found his passion.

After Joe was made redundant nearly 18 years ago, he found it was harder to find work at an older age. Joe reviewed his life and his passions and decided to venture into a new beginning possibly making a living doing what he loves.

The Dandenong Market was to be Joe’s new love starting a business doing what he was passionate about. The market is one of the most multicultural places Joe has been in, meeting people from various backgrounds and various walks of life. There is never a dull day for Joe who enjoys working with people who equally enjoy visiting his shop.

Most of the fish are reared by Joe, he feels very blessed to have the knowledge and ability to breed the fish himself with all kinds of natural greens from the market.

Joe has always worked, not working wasn’t an option. Joe is very grateful to Dandenong Market as it has provided him the opportunity for people like himself to be able to earn a living, an opportunity to do what they love, and be able to live life with an affordable small investment.

Proudly boasting a strong customer base of approximately 500 people, Joe’s Fish has customers travelling from as far as Phillip Island, Bendigo, Geelong, Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Some even say that they have been buying fish from Joe for about 15 years, they travel because they trust Joe’s advice, products and reasonable prices. This gives Joe immense satisfaction, he has developed friendships with some of these people. 

Often people with special needs or disabilities are brought to the market and get so much pleasure from watching or buying fish.  Joe says “the Dandenong Market opens its doors to people who would not normally come together and brings unity in diversity.”
Joe loves the atmosphere of the Market and various cultures represented in the people who visit the market. Joe has been in the market for a long time and has built solid relationships with his customers, he remembers the little things that they like or their specific needs. 

With 63 years of expertise Joe always has a remedy for any fish problem that his customers face.  There are instances when customers have bought products at other fish shops and found they don’t work, Joe has fixed it for customers free of charge, this has made Joe the success he is today and one of Dandenong “Markets most loved traders, known for his genuine honest and kind nature.

Joe helps senior citizens with rearing their fish, he says they are always so grateful and say the nicest things which makes his day. Joe also likes to help people who are down on their luck by providing them with second-hand tanks and accessories for free which is very appreciated.  This satisfies Joe immensely “as the saying goes it is a blessing to give than to receive”.

Visit Joes’ Fish at V08B Fruit & Veg Hall 

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