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Premium Fruit and Veg

Meet Shaukat from Premium Fruit and Veg at Dandenong Market!

Shaukat immigrated from Mumbai to try his hand owning a small business – a dream he has always had. After working in retail for many years, he decided 2021 was the year to reach that dream, purchasing a stall at the Market in January.

With previous retail and fresh produce experience working at Coles, Shaukat knew his love for eating and working with fresh items would lead him to the Market at some point.

Shaukat sources his produce early in the morning from the Epping Wholesale Market where he handpicks the delicious fruit and vegetables for his loving customers.

The new small business owner loves the Market and its quirks.

“I have fun here,” he said. “I love meeting people from all over the world and socialising. I’m always learning so much about their cultures and what they want from my business”.

During summer, Shaukat’s favourite items are fresh cherries and mangoes during the warmer months but prefers mandarins and oranges through winter.

“Citrus like oranges are high in Vitamin C, which is why they’re important to stock up on during the cold months,” said Shaukat.

Nothing like a bit of friendly fire – Shaukat loves sharing space with other fruiterers. He says that the competition keeps on his toes, always looking for ways to improve his business.

Visit Premium Fruit and Veg for a wide range of bargains and hard-to-find fruit and vegetables every Market day!

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Stall Number

S5/5C (Fruit & Vegetable Hall)




0439 606 044

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