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 EuroFeast is Back!

A celebration of Europe’s culinary treasures and vibrant culture

Dandenong Market is thrilled to bring back EuroFeast, following its success in 2023, on Sunday 11 August, transporting visitors on a sensory journey through the rich tapestry of European gastronomy. This exciting occasion has been meticulously crafted to showcase the essence of Europe, unearthing hidden culinary gems to feed every European craving.

At EuroFeast visitors will be transported on a sensory journey through the rich tapestry of European gastronomy. 

You’re probably familiar with the idyllic European summer but let us paint you another picture. One of a cosy day spent savoring rich, buttery pastries, sipping decadent hot chocolates, taking in the soothing, atmosphere filled with heart-warming sounds and flavours.

Food is so intricately linked to identity – to that of an individual, a community’s and even to that of a continent. What makes you think of France more than a deliciously flaky croissant?  What evokes images of Germany more than a hearty bratwurst or perfectly baked pretzels? The flavours that make up Europe’s gastronomy scene are all waiting for you under our Market roof.

At EuroFeast, every dish tells a story. Stroll through the Market and find yourself enveloped in the comforting aroma of freshly baked baguettes, their crusty exteriors giving way to soft, airy insides, paying homage to time-old techniques. Explore the many cheeses available at the delicatessens – from creamy, smooth brie’s to sharp cheddars and endless flavor combinations from across Europe. Take a moment to indulge in Greek biscuits or the famed choux au Croquelin – an ode to the classic French pastry and gluten-free! And you simply cannot leave without taking home a slice of the Market’s famous burek – a Bosnian icon.

Are you starting to see why this is a feast?

And it doesn’t end there!

Venture out onto the Terrace to indulge in more iconic flavours offered by our incredible lineup of street food trucks visiting for the day.

But it’s not just the flavours we’re celebrating – it’s the sounds and rhythms that are as diverse as the food! From the Scottish Highlands comes performances by the Jamieson Studio of Dance that will demonstrate a form that began before recorded history!

You’ll be romanced by the harmonies and evocative storytelling from Southern Italy with Sanacori music by Melbourne School of Tarantella. And let’s not forget the unmistakable beats of a Schunkel band – a taste of Oktoberfest music at its best thanks to Global Groves.

EuroFeast 2024 is more than just a food festival; it’s a journey through Europe’s heart and soul. It’s a chance to connect with the traditions, stories, and people that make each bite not just a taste, but an experience. Whether you are yearning for a taste of home, are a food enthusiast or seeking an extraordinary experience, come explore EuroFeast at Dandenong Market – a place for friends, families and communities to gather and indulge their curiosities.

Remember to arrive hungry!

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