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Dandenong Market’s Jungle Kitchen has your school holiday activities sorted this year with FREE virtual kids cooking classes. Join in on Wednesday 23 September, Wednesday 30 September and Wednesday 21 October.
Three unique Jungle Kitchen step-by-step guides will be available on the Dandenong Market website at 9am on each class day.
Kids can get down and dirty in the Jungle Kitchen using healthy ingredients that are available within the Market. Accredited Australian chef, Tim Hollands who is better know as Tim the Tiger, has put together these delicious and healthy recipes!
Tiny chefs are invited to discover the colourful world of fruit and veggies on Wednesday 23 September with a healthy Veggie Patch. Explore the tastes of the world on Wednesday 30 September with Mexican Style Corn Fritters. And get messy on Wednesday 23 October with mouth-watering Home-made Pizzas.
By getting in the kitchen, young ones build on important life skills that sets them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.
The fresh and tasty menus aren’t complicated and are a great way to get the little ones involved.
Our FREE chef’s hat will be sure to show everyone that you’re the head chef!
To create your chef’s hat, simply cut along the outside of the black lines and use tape or glue to stick the back to the front after decorating.

Click here to get crafty!

Thanks to Best Colour Pages for Kids.
Cooking class recipes

Learn more about the flavourful Veggie Patch!

Click here for a one-way ticket to Mexico to discover yummy Corn Fritters!

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