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Triple Q (3Q) Farm

Known for the freshest eggs in the market, harvested from their farm’s own chickens , meet George (Chuan-Yu Ni) and his family from Triple Q Farm

Proud of producing eggs of all shapes and sizes from hundreds of happy, well looked after chickens, George and his family also specialise in other poultry eggs, including duck and quail eggs.

George and his Triple Q family love being busy and his market stall always has queues of people lining up to purchase his eggs in bulk, often selling out by the end of the day. George enjoys meeting people and has built up a very loyal customer base with families enjoying their fresh eggs every week.

Stall Number

V 6 (Fruit & vegetables)


Chuan-Yu (George) Ni


0431 426 678

The heart of Dandenong

    Dandenong Market

    Clow Street & Cleeland Street
    Dandenong, VIC 3175

    Opening Hours

    Friday 7am - 5pm
    (The Bazaar is open 8am – 4pm)

    Saturday 7am - 4pm
    (The Bazaar is open 8am – 4pm)

    Sunday 10am - 3pm

    Monday CLOSED

    Tuesday 7am - 4pm
    (The Bazaar is open 8am – 4pm)

    Wednesday CLOSED

    Thursday CLOSED

    Stall Number