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La Caze Mama

Known as one of the great Creole cuisines, Mauritian food is a combination of native African, French, Chinese and Indian, with many dishes created that are unique to the island of Mauritius. And all of these amazing dishes can be found at La Caze Mama at Dandenong Market.

The man behind this authentic street food is Girish Ramjuttun, a passionate Mauritian who called Australia home 20 years ago and who wants the whole world to learn more about the cuisine of Mauritius. With the help of his chefs, they have created a natural fusion from the best of each cuisine to rise to the top and form the basis of his delicious Mauritian food.

While the Indian population has had a huge influence on the cuisine, Mauritian curries are unique. They rarely contain coconut milk and, interestingly, also often feature what are more typically known as European herbs, such as thyme. Curries also often feature more unusual meats and seafood like Rodrigues octopus (arguably the best in the world) or duck, along with the more typical meat and vegetable varieties.

Everyone loves the readily available delicious street food of Mauritius, which includes falafel-like spiced, fried split pea cakes called gateaux piment. The other big favourites are dhal puris, a flatbread or savoury pancake spread with a thin layer of yellow split peas, which are then rolled up with a variety of pickles, cooked vegetables and chutneys. Don’t forget the rougaille, a Mauritian tomato sauce and, if you like it hot, a dash of chilli.

La Caze Mama’s desserts range from elaborate French-influenced tarts filled with banana, almonds or pastry creams to cute pink raspberry shortbreads sandwiched with jam called napolitaines.

Cooked on site and served fresh every day, La Caze Mama also offers fortnightly special dishes.

And, once a month, La Caze Mama offers free entertainment, encouraging the Mauritian community –  and anyone who loves a good time –  to gather and celebrate their culture.

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Stall Number

P7 (The Pantry)


Girish Ramjuttun


0450 059 993

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