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Yummy roast vegies

Nothing beats a beautiful roast, and vegetables are sensational roasted either on their own or accompanying a great cut of meat.

Here’s our tastiest tips on the best winter vegetables for roasting.


1. Brussel Sprouts

Slow roasted, brussel sprouts become a rich and earthy pocket of flavour, make sure to keep them well basted in oils and juices to stop them drying out.


2. Beetroot

Roast whole beetroots first, then cool them down. Next peel them and then re-roast with sea salt & black pepper to maintain the rich colour and texture.


3. Field Mushrooms

Sensational laced with olive oil and garlic, field mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment with any roasted meat due to their lovely earthy flavour.


4. Parsnip

Packed full of flavour, the parsnip is perfect peeled and roasted smothered with olive oil making a perfect partner with roasted pork & beef.


5. Corn

Delicious when whole roasted, leave the corn in its outer leaves until it turns black, then wrap in glad wrap to let steam for 10 minutes. Remove the leaves to reveal luscious moist amazing corn kernels, serve with any roasted meat.


6. Spanish Onion

Slow roasted the Spanish onion gives an amazing depth of flavour that most vegetables don’t have. Serve with any roast.


7. Yarra Valley Garlic

Whole roasted garlic cloves give a any roast that extra hint of wow, crush them a little to release their flavour through your other vegetables.


8. Fennel

Great accompaniment to whole roasted fish and kipfler potatoes, the fennel is deal for roasting as their skins are crispy, with beautiful fluffy flesh inside.


9. Kipfler Potatoes

These yummy spuds are ideal for roasting as their skins are crispy, with beautiful fluffy flesh inside.


10. Capsicum

Beautiful and mouth watering tasty, when slow roasted the capsicum can make any roast turn into amazing due to their sweetness and succulence.

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