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Meet Medi Heat Packs & Health Care

Known for lovely, warm, instant and reusable heat packs for aches and pains, meet Joseph Yeo of Medi Heat Packs & Health Care and discover his fascinating story of how he came to trade at Dandenong Market seven years ago.

Joseph migrated from South Korea and studied at Monash University gaining a degree in Master multi-media. After working as a graphic designer for many years in Melbourne, Joseph had a passion to design his own products to sell.

Working as a sales representative when Joseph was a University student, he was awarded with the best sales records and awards, giving Joseph the great experience and confidence in a future sales business. When Joseph was working as a graphic designer, he often came to Dandenong Market as a casual seller on Saturdays.

Finally, Joseph designed his own product, Medi Heat Packs and found a permanent home at Dandenong Market in 2008.

Since Joseph was very young, the market place has been very familiar to him, his father used to sell various products at the market in Brazil, where his family lived for nine years. Joseph usually went with his father to interpret in Portuguese to help him when he was dealing with customers. Joseph loves the atmosphere of the Market where he can directly deal, talk and communicate with customers, who are from many different places.

Joseph believes that selling Instant Heat packs is not only for making a profit, but it is more like sharing and exchanging a wonderful array of culture with people you meet.

The attraction of customers that buy Heat Packs, has meant Joseph has met many people with humbling personal stories of why they need his products. Joseph fondly remembers one elderly lady that came to get a heat pack for her daughter with terminal-cancer, as well as the lovely people with aches and pains that would regularly visit his stall. Joseph found when people are physically sick, their emotions need to be supported as well, this is the reason he loves the word “Heat Therapy”, for Joseph it means heat gives both physical and emotional therapies to his customers. Joseph is extremely proud that he can provide warm comforts to people with Medi Heat Packs.

Medi Heat Packs are proudly registered  by TGA Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration ARTG Id 220600) as a therapy product.  Joseph recommends that everyone should always buy therapy products that are TGA Registered .

Medi Heat Packs supplies heat therapy with instant reusable heat packs as well as other heath care products including massage gel insoles, back support belt, cold packs, reflexology massagers

Every Medi Heat Pack product is fully demonstrated to customers before purchasing. Customers can apply Heat packs on their pain area and Joseph will personally find the best product to meet your needs.

Medi Heat Packs help relieve neck, back, knee, period pain and also encourage blood circulation. 

Visit Medi Heat Packs & Health Care at B20 (The Bazaar) 

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