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Meet Black Market Signs & Stickers

Alf and Bonny Gizzi, owners of Black Market Signs and Stickers (J14-17) have traded at Dandenong Market for 19 years and now operate as part of a family business with daughter Emily.

Alf originally worked for the Defence Department for 30 years, and Bonny worked at Myer for 13 years as a sales assistant before becoming a housewife. During that time, both Alf and Bonny started selling computer accessories at “Computer Swap Meets” on the weekends. As well as Dandenong Market, they’d also travel to various rural/ country areas.

When Alf’s department was dissolved, both he and Bonny started selling computer accessories full time at Dandenong Market.

As well as computer accessories, they started dealing in ‘shareware’ (which allowed users a trial version of computer games etc. prior to buying the full product).

Bonny then started buying in a variety of stickers to sell (including walls stickers), which became very popular. Based on customer demand and the need to evolve their product line, Bonny and Alf started bringing in other goods including educational toys, cards and other craft inspired products. About 8 years ago, they expanded into sign writing and bought Black Market Signs, an already established and successful business from a fellow trader at the market.

Most of their product lines are sourced from trade shows (where they know they can get quality goods- something they pride themselves on). They also source their goods from wholesalers.

Alf, Bonny and Emily, continually expand their range of goods, to include scrapbooking materials, educational books, puzzles, games, soft toys, temporary tattoos, plaques, money boxes, loombands (of which Emily designs and sells various creations) and much more.

Black Market Signs and Stickers also creates signage for car decals, shop fronts, menu boards, magnetic signs, t-shirts (iron ons), hats and digital printing and more.

Bonny and Alf believe that the customer demand drives their sales, and they like to keep abreast of all the current trends.

Black Market Signs and Stickers can be found at J14-17 in The Bazaar.

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