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Festive cooking tips

Party season is well underway as we celebrate Christmas and the end of the year. Parties and gatherings filled with delicious feasts and drinks should be enjoyed to the fullest.

But there are ways to eat healthy over the Christmas break. Small festive cooking changes make a big difference!


Tips for staying healthy throughout the festive season.

christmas salad

  1. Serve salads with all the main dishes. Ensure that at least half of your plate is greens.
  2. Swap mayonnaise for Greek or natural plain yoghurt, a tasty dressing without the extra calories and artificial preservatives.
  3. Enjoy fresh seafood, prawns and salmon are low in calories, full of minerals and healthy fats compared to red meat.
  4. Try olive oil when baking and cooking instead of butter for a delicious, aromatic taste and a better balance of healthy fats.
  5. Fresh fruit salads and exotic melon sticks make the perfect dessert. Swap your candy canes and M&Ms over for dried fruits perfect for yummy sweet snacking without the calories.
  6. Trim all visible fats from meats. Stick with lean cuts.
  7. Halve the sugar in your baking without losing the taste by using a splash more vanilla extract. Use 2 tsp. of vanilla extract for every ¼ cup of sugar.
  8. Swap white potato for sweet potato – 3 times higher in fibre compared to white potatoes, they’re also high in Vitamin A to help keep your skin smooth and radiant. Try sweet potato fries, you will love them!


Christmas recipes

healthly christmas recipes

Tantalise your tastebuds while eating healthy this Christmas with some of our favourite recipes:

Gluten-free Christmas pudding

Roast Christmas ham with white peach marinade

Marmalade and maple glazed ham

Grilled apricot, fetta & thyme stuffing

Chicken and prosciutto roulade

Gingerbread men


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