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Australia Day BBQ

Forget lamb cutlets, Here’s our insider tips on the best alternative cuts for your Aussie Day BBQ.

From chipotle sausages to mutton backstrap, these are affordable but sumptuous BBQ favourites used by chefs and butchers.


1. Beef Ribs

Beef ribs aren’t your normal BBQ fare. Braise them for an hour or so in Asian-flavoured stock until tender, then grill on the BBQ to caramelize them.


2. Lamb chipotle sausages

Grill on the BBQ on medium-low heat, otherwise they will split. Grill sausages with a little bit of heat at the end.

Mix ‘n’ match sausages from Marmara Halal Meats. Includes:

  • Chicken, herb and garlic
  • Chicken Tandoori chilli
  • Plain beef
  • Beef, herb and garlic
  • Beef Texan chilli
  • Lamb Tandoori


4. Pork fillet

Marinate in herbs, spices or sauces, then cook on medium-to-high heat until cooked. Let rest and carve over a salad or serve with baked potato.


5. Mutton back strap

Dust in spices or marinate. Cook on high heat on your BBQ, then rest. But don’t cook over medium as the backstrap will dry out.


5. Chicken Maryland

Dusted with spices and garlic, these chicken maryland will be a hit on your next BBQ, as they stay moist and taste wonderful.


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