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7 spices and marinades for Australia Day

We’ll let you in on an insider secret: marinades and spices are the ultimate food hack for making a good meal an amazing one.

Spices can be either used for marinating cuts of meat overnight, or to season just before cooking on the BBQ. They’re also a fun way to put a different cultural spin on the same old cut of meat. Spice it up!

Sam from Sam’s Spice and Grocery offers his top tips for which marinades are best for meat. Additionally, the team knows all about which spices you should use to make your Australia Day feast delicious.


1. Chicken Yeeros Marinade

marinades for meat
Marinate sliced chicken breast overnight with three or four tablespoons of Chicken Yeeros Marinade. Add enough oil to wet it and squeeze in the juice of one lemon. Then cook on a flat BBQ. Grill for 2-3 minutes each side or until cooked.


2. Salted Pepper Calamari

marinades for fish
Slice calamari into rings. Place the sliced calamari into a bowl, toss in the seasoning and mix until well coated. Don’t let it sit for too long. Then flash fry for one-two minutes in the deep fryer.


3. Moroccan Seasoning

marinades for meat
Mix four tablespoons of Moroccan seasoning with 80 ml of olive oil and juice of one lime and pureed garlic. Pour onto mutton backstrap, cover and leave your meat in its marinade overnight. Then cook on medium-to-high heat on the barbecue until cooked medium. Let rest, then carve over a salad.


4. BBQ Provencale

BBQ seasoning
Dust chicken marylands with BBQ Provencale just before cooking on the barbecue. This is a perfect spice for those who aren’t fans of hot spices, it’s aromatic and flavoursome and perfect for chicken.


5. Mexican seasoning

spices dandenong market
Dust strips of beef or chicken with this Mexican Seasoning and shallow fry. This is the ultimate seasoning for delicious burritos.


6. Herb & Garlic

Slice chicken breast, then pack on spices until a thick coating sticks. Then pan fry until chicken cooked through.


7. Barbecue charcoal

Mix four tablespoons of Barbecue charcoal seasoning with 80 ml of olive oil, juice of one lime and pureed garlic. Pour onto chicken maryland, cover and leave overnight. Then cook over hot coals until cooked through.


The above spices and marinades are available from Sam’s Spice and Grocery.

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