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National Donut Day Competition

Win a year’s supply of donuts!

To celebrate National Donut Day, Dandenong Market and Dandee Donuts are giving away a year’s supply of donuts!

Consistently on Melbourne’s Donut Roll of Honour, Dandee Donuts has been bringing jammy joy to the masses since 1968 with a recipe that has not changed in all that time.

These piping-hot wonderballs are coated in crunchy sugar and pumped full of raspberry jam after they’re cooked so you won’t burn your mouth. The filling inside the Nutella variation is beautifully softened with the heat of the cooking to send you into a sugary hazelnut coma.

Dandee Donuts are dairy‐free, egg‐free and have no additives other than the jam or Nutella, with yeast twice raised, giving the donuts their fluffy lightness. All ingredients are Australian and calorie-free. (Okay, well maybe we fibbed about the calorie part).

To enter, simply provide us with your contact details. Then share this page with a friend and, if they win, you can share your donuts! It’s that easy! (But if you’re looking for terms and conditions, click here.)

Good luck, everyone!

Our competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered.

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