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Dandee Donut Eating Competition


Sunday 19 August 2018


12pm - 1pm



Love a warm, sugary, delicious jam Dandee Donut? Who can stop at one?

Dandenong Market is proud to partner with Competitive Eating Australia for the 2018 Dandee Donut Eating Competition.

Over 5 rounds, we will challenge market visitors to devour as many donuts as they can in two minutes. The top five contestants will compete in the final round to see how quickly they can eat 20 Dandee Donuts!

The winner will be crowned the ultimate Dandee Donut Champion and take home $500 and a trophy.

The competition

  • The Dandee Donut Eating Competition is limited to a total of 25 participants.
  • The first stage will include five rounds, with five participants each. In each round, contestants will compete to eat the most donuts in two minutes or the first to eat ten donuts, whichever comes first. The winner in each round will continue to the finals.
  • In the final, the five winners of each round will be pitted against each other to see how quickly they can eat 20 Dandee Donuts. The first to finish all 20 wins!

The competition will be monitored and judged by CompetitiveEating.com.au.

The Prize

  • The winner will be crowned the ultimate Dandee Donut Champion and win $500 and the Dandee Donut Eating Champion trophy.
  • The runner up will win $200.
  • The second runner up will win $100.

As an officially sanctioned CompetitiveEating.com.au event, the results will be included in the official CompetitiveEating.com.au rankings.

How to enter

Dandenong Market and Competitive Eating Australia are seeking professional eaters to enter the competition.

Entry is free and the donuts are provided to competitors free-of-charge.

To enter, fill in an application form:

Dandee Donut Eating Competition Application Form

Applications close Monday 6 August 23:59.

Successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 8 August by email.



Contest rules

  • All entrants must be 18 years of age or over.
  • To be declared the winner, the contestant must swallow all of their donuts and show an empty mouth to the judges.
  • In round one, the person to eat the most donuts in two minutes is the winner and will proceed to the finals.
  • In round two, the first person to finish 20 donuts in the shortest amount of time, is the winner.
  • Contestants may use water to assist in the eating competition.
  • If you vomit, you will be disqualified and must clean up after yourself!
  • If a tie occurs, a secret tie-breaker will take place.
  • All contestants are participating at their own risk. Any issues, medical, psychological, or otherwise, resulting from participation in the event are the sole responsibility of the contestant.
  • St John’s Ambulance will be present to ensure participants safety and health.
  • The competition will be monitored and judged by CompetitiveEating.com.au.


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