Sultan’s Hand Craft

Known for designer handmade décor, shawls and jewellery from around the world, Sultan Ahmad of Sultan's Hand Craft has traded at Dandenong market for 14 years.

Sultan started his career selling handmade carpets and antiques in Afghanistan where he was born. It was a family business started by this father. Sultan started his stall “Sultan’s Hand Crafts” at Dandenong Market in 2002, where he wanted to continue the family business here in Australia.

Sultan offers designer handmade tablecloths, runners and cushion covers, silk, Kashmir and woollen shawls, beautiful and exotic necklaces, earrings and bracelets and a range of beautiful handcrafted statues from Indonesia.

Sultan still works with his family importing most of his stock from India where his brother lives and works. Sultan sources his other products wholesale, which includes beautiful handcrafted products from Indonesia.

Sultan’s gifts are unique to the market with not many other stalls selling anything similar in authenticity and quality.

Stall Number
C22-23 (The Bazaar)

Sultan Ahmed

(p) 0401 291 938

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