Smile Cut

The bright retro red Smile Cut van has a huge client base of over 800 customers. Mita is the reason for its major success by providing high quality men’s and women’s haircuts at affordable prices. Mita also offers an exclusive service by providing private haircuts by a woman for Muslim women.

Mita's Smile Cut clients are not only local shoppers at the market, but customers who come from as far away as Phillip Island and Gippsland, also stallholders, security guards and even Market Management get their hair done at Smile Cut.

Mita loves the warmth of the market, and the customers who are close to her customs. She believes that everyone is special and even with her low prices, they still deserves top dollar treatment. Her products are of the highest quality and she prides herself on giving.

Stall Number
O03 (The Bazaar)

Mita Abedy

(p) 0433 932 595

Market Map

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