Si-Kat Pinoy Eatscetera

You don't need a plane ticket to travel to the Philippines, we bring it to you!

Si-Kat Pinoy Eatscetera has a range of delicious Filipino street foods including cheesy ensamada pastry, pork BBQ skewers, Halo-Halo ice dessert, sapin-sapin, arroz caldo and more! Try their arroz caldo, a delicious Filipino congee made on a bed of sticky rice, cooked in broth with garlic, onion, chicken and topped with egg, spring onions, fried garlic and spiced lemon. Or try their chicken sisig meal or a range of pork or chicken BBQ meals all freshly cooked on site. 

Stall Number
L10 (Market Square)

Catherine Pascua

(p) 0450 099 970

Market Map