Pardon My French Creperie

After being established at South Melbourne Market and Chapel Street in South Yarra, Pardon my French Creperie has now found a permanent home at Dandenong Market. Owner and head crepe-maker John Milic offers more than 20 varieties of crepes ranging from sweet, savoury, vegetarian and gluten free options.

All of John's crepes are hand made using special cast iron grills created in France. Some of John's delicious creations include the Lamington with chocolate fudge sauce, strawberry jam and desiccated coconut. If you prefer something savoury you might like to try the egg, ham, cheese and chives crepe.

Crepes have always been a part of John's life with his mother teaching him how to make Palačinka since he was 10 years old. Some travel in his younger years showed him just how popular this European delight was enjoyed all over the world. A weekend away to Lorne in 2013 re-ignited the passion when he stumbled across a crepe-maker on the street. This was when the journey to opening his very own creperie came to life.



Sweet crepes:

  • Butter and sugar, cinnamon sugar, strawberry jam or honey 
  • Lemon and sugar 
  • Lime and sugar 
  • Nutella, Chocolate fudge or Caramel fudge
  • White chocolate
  • Canadian maple syrup
  • Banana with Nutella (or chocolate fudge/ caramel fudge / white chocolate)
  • Strawberry with Nutella (or chocolate fudge/ caramel fudge/ white chocolate)
  • Lamington (lashings of chocolate fudge, strawberry jam and a sprinkling of coconut)
  • Nutella and marshmallows with 100’s and 1000’s
  • Chocolate and caramel fudge
  • Banana & strawberry with Nutella (or chocolate fudge / caramel fudge / white chocolate)
  • Banana with Canadian maple syrup and cinnamon
  • Chocolate and caramel fudge with crushed nut

Savoury crepes: 

  • 2 free range eggs, tasty cheese with chives or chilli flakes
  • Leg ham, tasty cheese with chives or chilli flakes
  • 1 free range egg, leg ham and tasty cheese with chives or chilli flakes 

*Select crepes can be modified to gluten free and vegetarian


Stall Number
L02, Market Square

John Milic

Phone: 0438 884 236

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