NZ Street Food

NZ Street Food is best known for our hugely popular hāngi, a traditional dish made with chicken, lamb, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, cabbage, stuffing and fried bread.

NZ Street food also offer other delicious NZ delicacies, including:

  • Raw fish
  • Mussel fritters
  • NZ kina (on availability)
  • Fried bread burgers
  • Pulled pork with coleslaw
  • Slow cooked beef and gravy 
  • Mussel Fritter Burger with BBQ sauce, mayo and coleslaw.
  • Kiwi breakfast
  • Steamed pudding with custard
  • Range of kiwi biscuits, chips and soft drinks

Stall Number
W04 (Meat, Fish and Deli)

Message your hangi orders through: 0430 076 854.

Market Map

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