Melbourne Sport Shoes

Known for quality sports and casual streetwear shoes, Pacha Noori of Melbourne Sports Shoes has traded for 24 years at Dandenong Market.

Passion for people and community has made Pacha of Melbourne Sports Shoes the success he is today, Pacha loves interacting and meeting people, the quality of his products and the service he provides makes Melbourne Sports Shoes an extremely popular spot at the market.

Melbourne Sports Shoe store is also well known for being able to get exactly what you want, Pacha keeps a generous amount stock so he can provide all sizes and colours of every shoe he has on display for his customers.

Melbourne Sports Shoes specialises in running and streetwear shoes that provide the utmost comfort and support for all your activities. Brands include Asics, Skechers, Pumas, New Balance, Slazenger and many more.

New products are added regularly and it specialises in larger sizes.

Stall Number
K01 (The Bazaar)

Pacha & George Noori

(p) 0414 351 733

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