Medi Heat Packs & Health Care

The best reusable heat packs in Australia. Designed in Australia and made in Korea. 

Known for lovely, warm, instant and reusable heat packs for aches and pains, Joseph Yeo is the man behind the amazing Medi Heat Packs & Health Care.

Medi Heat Packs are proudly registered by TGA Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration ARTG Id 220600) as a therapy product.  Joseph recommends that everyone should always buy therapy products that are TGA Registered .

Medi Heat Packs supplies heat therapy with instant reusable heat packs as well as other heath care products including massage gel insoles, back support belt, cold packs, reflexology massagers

Every Medi Heat Pack product is fully demonstrated to customers before purchasing. Customers can apply Heat packs on their pain area and Joseph will personally find the best product to meet your needs.

Medi Heat Packs help relieve neck, back, knee, period pain and also encourage blood circulation.

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B20 (The Bazaar)

Joseph Yeo

(p) 0433 952 772

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