Hellenic Seafood

Entering Hellenic Seafood is reminiscent of a seaside Greek village: decking on the floors will make visitors feel they’ve stepped onto a pier, whilst the oyster shell tiles and the sparkling glass evokes images of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Ganotis family has built a reputation and loyal following due to their passion for high quality, fresh seafood and a commitment to sustainably sourced product. At the helm are siblings Adriana and Dimitri Ganotis who follow the trade of their Father and Grandfather.

There is a saying that Greeks have 'salty blood' due to their love of the sea and the bounty it offers, and it's certainly true of  can certainly say that’s true of the Ganotis family. They are excited to bring high quality product and family expertise to the hustle and the bustle of Dandenong Market. The family are well-connected and respected in the seafood industry with extensive experience at the fish markets. The Ganotis family also operate the highly popular O'Psaras on Portman in Oakleigh, which sees 5000 customers through his store each week.

Stall Number
M2-3 (Meat, Fish and Deli Hall)

Adriana and Dimitri Ganotis

(p) 0477 057 743 
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