Heather’s Treasures

When browsing through the stalls inside The Bazaar, it’s hard not to be attracted to the one of the intriguing and oldest market stalls “Heathers Treasures” established in 1979. Its shelves and cabinets are full with beautiful and unique antique gold and silver jewellery, beautifully crafted gems, rings, trinkets, costume jewellery, and vintage gift items from a bygone era.

Heathers Treasures is a hidden gem at Dandenong Market, where the customer can browse, buy, swap and sell.

Current owners Marcus and Rebecca Crossley purchased this well established and popular business back in 2010.

Marcus has a genuine love of the market and years of experience has taught him the value of customer interaction and service where he he has been able to establish personal connections with many of his clients and customers.

Marcus has a real passion and creativity for the jewellery business. He sources most of his jewellery items from Market customers who come into buy, swap and sell their pieces. Marcus is also creative and can recreate his own designs from jewellery he has sourced. One pair of earrings, can become two beautiful unique pair of earrings when he adds his touch.

Heathers Treasures also offers a repairs services, with most of the repairs either being completed by Marcus, or outsourced to an established jeweller who works on his behalf.

Heathers Treasures is a real hidden gem of Dandenong Market, and its success is owed to the passion of Marcus and Rebecca not only to their business but to the market in general.

Stall Number
D18-19 (The Bazaar)

Marcus & Rebecca Crossley

(p) 0410 647 532
(e) marcus@heatherstreasures.com.au

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